Monday, March 26, 2018

march 25-26

March 25-26 2

Dear God I praise You for mountain and oceans I praise You for flowers butterflies puppies and kittens I praise you for my family my friends I praise You for loving me and taking care of me I praise you for everything Amen. Dear God help missionaries around the world do their  work to tell people about you help my minsters too as he works right here in our town Amen.

March 25-26 1

March 25-26 1 Pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and he honored just as it was with you. When you hear some really good news when the first things you do?  Probably hop on  the phone and call a friend to tell her the good news right. What kinds of things do you and your friends talk groups about other people about singing groups about school News about those kinds of things spreads pretty quickly. But the most important news in all of history should be the quickest spreading news of God's love. Remember to pray for people who have made it their life's work to share that good news. Pray for the message to spread about about the world it's the most important message ever. Praise the  Lord Praise God in His sanctuary praise Him for His acts of power praise Him the sounding of the trumpet let everything that has breathe praise the Lord. Yahoo for God Praise God all the time Praise God everywhere praise him every with every breath forget about asking God for stuff forget about complaining Just stop and praise Him. Let your mind and heart fill up with thought of how loving and kind He is Think about his power think about his creativity and His gifts to you Dance around and sing    a joyful song of praise to him Go ahead you'll enjoy it and so  will God. 

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