Tuesday, March 20, 2018

march 20

March 20

Give thanks to the Lord for His is good His love endurance forever.
Who is your favorite singing group ever gone to one of their concerts Did the crowd shout and scream Do you have posters of the singer up in your room Do you try to dress like them wear your hair like them Do you admire everything they and do know what only God is worthy of being adopted like that That's a part of prayer that like just can't be ignored adopting God for He is and for all He does for you. Stop think about the stories in the Bible of God's care for His people Think about the miracle He did His people and over. Look around at the beautiful world he made. Remember that He thought of families friends pets all the things that fill life with joy Adore Him for His creativity and generosity. Dear God I do adore You Thank You have done for and given me Amen.  

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