Thursday, September 3, 2015

joseph 4

Joseph in Jail and Joseph explains Dream

Joseph in Jail Genesis 39:6-20
¨      Everything was going great for Joseph, until one day Potiphar's wife tried to trick him.
¨      She told lies about Joseph and Potiphar believed her.
¨      Potiphar threw Joseph into jail. Poor Joseph. His brothers sold him, a lady lied about him, and he was thrown into jail, it was not  fair.
¨      However, The Lord had a plan for Joseph.
¨      Lots of things happen to us, which are not fair.
¨      However, remember that the Lord always has a plan to help us.
Joseph Explains Dreams Genesis 40:1-13, Genesis 40:20-21
¨      In the prison one of the prisoners told Joseph about a dream he'd had.
¨      Joseph listened carefully and God showed him what the man's dream meant.
¨      Joseph said, that in three days the man would be working
¨      for the king of Egypt like he had before being put in prison.
¨      In addition, sure  enough that's exactly what happened.
¨      Also Joseph knew what God could do. He had learned how to listen to God. You can too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

joseph slave

Joseph the Slave Genesis 39:1-6
·        Joseph was alone. God was watching over him.
·        Soon a rich man named Potiphar bought him to be his slave.
·        Joseph worked and did great at everything Potiphar asked him to do.
·        So Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his whole house and everyone had to do what Joseph said.
·        In addition, Even when things look bad. God is watching over His children.
·        He is watching over you right now. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015



Joseph's Coat Genesis 37:3,12-20
·        Jacob gave  Joseph a beautiful coat with long sleeves, which made his brothers very jealous of Joseph.
·        One day Jacob said, ''Joseph go check on your brothers.'' So off Joseph went. His brothers saw him coming. ''Here comes the dreamer,'' they said. ''Let get rid of him'' Watch out Joseph.
·        In addition, those brothers were up to no good.
Joseph is Sold Genesis 37:21-28
·        The brothers hated Joseph. But one of them said, ''Let's not hurt him. Let's just throw down this well.'' He planned to rescue Joseph later.
·        So they took off Joseph's coat and threw him in.
·        About that time some men on camels rode by ''the brothers said, ''let's sell him to be a slave. '' They sold their own brother. What the brothers did was awful.  

Monday, August 31, 2015

joseph dream,

Joseph's Dreams Genesis 37:1-8
·        Jacob had twelve sons. He loved them all, however, Jacob loved Joseph best.
·        Joseph liked to tell his brothers about his dreams. He said, in one dream, all twelve brothers  had  bundles of wheat.
·        Then he said 11 bundles bowed down to his bundle, which made the older brothers mad. ''You are not the king over us.'' they told Joseph.
·        In addition, God had a plan for this family that no one could see yet.
·        God has a plan for your family too.  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

jacob meet esau

Jacob and Esau Meet Genesis 31, Genesis 33

Jacob and Esau  Meet Genesis 31,  Genesis 33
·        Jacob lived among his mother's people for  many, many years.
·        He had a large family. Jacob had herds of sheep goats cattle donkeys and camels.
·        One day, God came to Jacob again and told him to return to the land of his father  Isaac.
·        Rebekah was mother of Jacob she had died. Jacob hadn't seen Isaac his father in twenty years.
·        Jacob wanted to go back to old home. However, Jacob was afraid to meet his older brother Esau.
·        Jacob had an idea. He called his servants and asked  them take some animals to as a gift.
·        There were two hundred twenty sheep and two hundred twenty goats, there were thirty mother camels and their young there were fifty cattle and thirty donkeys. Then Jacob went to meet Esau.
·        Gift is Animals were used as money and often given as gift because they were so important without animals families had no way to feed themselves.
·        When Esau saw his younger brother Jacob he ran to him and put his arms around him.
·        The brothers wept tears of joy. Each had gone his own way just as God had meant them to now God had brought them together again. 
In addition if you want to know more about Jacob and Esau you can look at:
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Home Again Genesis 29:25-30 Genesis 31:1-55 & Jacob Wrestles with God Genesis 32:26-28

Home Again Genesis 29:25-30 Genesis 31:1-55 & Jacob Wrestles with God Genesis 32:26-28
*      Jacob was mad at Laban What have you done Jacob asked Laban said, work some more and He would give Jacob Rachel too.
*      Jacob married Rachel and worked seven more years. Then Jacob decided to leave Rachel's sneaky father. He took his family and everything he had and started back home.
*      Jacob was going home however that's where his angry brother Esau lived.
*      When Jacob was almost home a servant said, his brother Esau is coming., Jacob thought Esau was coming to hurt him. Jacob was afraid and prayed, God save him from his brother.
*      That night a man who was really God appeared Jacob wrestled with the man. Bless him Jacob and changed his name to Israel.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Ladder to Heaven Genesis 27:41-46 & Genesis 28:10-18 & Rachel Genesis 29:1-20 and Tricked Genesis 29:21-24

A Ladder to Heaven Genesis 27:41-46 & Genesis 28:10-18 & Rachel Genesis 29:1-20 and Tricked Genesis 29:21-24

A Ladder to Heaven Genesis 27:41-46 &  Genesis 28:10-18 & Rachel Genesis 29:1-20 and Tricked Genesis 29:21-24
·        When Esau found out how Jacob had tricked him, he was mad. Jacob was afraid and ran away from him. That night in the desert, Jacob had to sleep outside with a rock under his head for a pillow.
·        He dreamed about a ladder to heaven filled with angels. God spoke Jacob in the dream and promised to bless him.
·        Jacob continued his journey traveling a long way to his uncle Laban's house. There he met Laban's beautiful Rachel fell in love  with her.
·        He told Laban that he will stay here and work for him  will let Jacob marry Rachel. So Jacob stayed and worked seven years for the woman he loved.
·        After seven years of hard work it was finally time for Jacob's wedding. Everyone got dressed. The bride wore a heavy veil over her face. It was so heavy that Jacob couldn't see through it.
·        Guess what? Laban tricked Jacob. Rachel was not under veil. It was her sister Leah, instead.
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