Tuesday, February 27, 2018


February 27

Be imitator of God therefore as dearly Israel children and live a life of love. Okay be honest Do your friends buy the same style and brand of clothes Do you like the same music Do you like do the same things seriously aren't you kind of imitator of whatever style is really hot right now. Jesus gave a standard to copy God he even explained what that means Imitating God means loving other people A life of love means loving not just when you feel like it. Loving  your friends who are a lot like you now that's easy A life of means loving those who different from  you it means loving when it isn't  not just  easy To love like that you have to be close to God you must copy Him. Dear Father Help me to learn to love like that it isn't easy to love kids who are different me and my friends Help me to love like you do Amen.

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