Tuesday, January 24, 2017

juournal 1

It is   like Bible college Series 1 beginning course 1 #1 page 1 part 1Have you ever wondered how everything in the world began? All people at some time will  stop and think. Those beautiful flowers roses pansies tulips where did they come from? Many of  you have pets dogs cats ducks horses where did they come from? Sometimes at night when you see  the stars moon and the big black sky maybe you  all this start?  How did it begin? Who made all these things?  Have you ever thought Where did man come from? Many schools teach that our great-grandparents started  from monkeys or little frogs. This is silly because monkeys do not change into people today. Do you think that a little frog  can become a little  boy or girl? What is the truth about the beginning? It was a long time ago and no one today was alive when everything started. Today there are more than three billion people in the world. How did they begin? At the beginning there was alive when everything started. Where did they come from?  There are many animals today dogs cats horses cows rabbits lions tigers and a many others. In the beginning there had to be at least two a mother and a father. But where did the first father and mother animals come from? It is the same with all life. In addition, the fish the birds and even the bugs had to have a beginning. How did life on the earth begin? Before the beginning there were no trees and flowers no sun no sky no clouds no birds or fish. There was not one boy girl man or woman. There was nothing but God. God has always been. God had no beginning and will have no end. Look around you. Look outside. This is a great big world. 

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