Monday, January 16, 2017

journal 1

Life Of Jesus Story #3
When the devil left Jesus alone angels came
and cared for him. Then he went back to
where John was by the Jordan River.
John saw Jesus coming toward him. Look It's the
Lamb of God who takes away the world's sin. I've seen
this and now I tell you :This is the Son of God.   This is the one I said was greater
than I am.   The next morning John was standing with two of his followers Jesus walked by John shouted Look
here is the Lamb of God  His two followers heard this and followed Jesus. Jesus turned around and said What are you looking for.
Teacher they replied where do you live come and see. One man Andrew found his brother Simon  and said We've found the Christ
He brought Simon to Jesus. Jesus looked at  Simon and said. You are John's son Simon and said. You are John's son Simon But your new

name is Peter. The next day Jesus went to Galilee. He said to Philip follow me.  Later Jesus me Nathaniel who said. Teacher you're the Son of God You're the King of Isreal.

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