Tuesday, January 17, 2017

journal 2

Life of Jesus story #4  part 1Philip is so excited about seeing Jesus that He hurries  to tell a friend Nathanel come with me. I have found the savior Nathanel doubts such news but He agree to see for himself as they approach Jesus. Behold a man in whom there is nothing deceitful before Philip called you you were sitting under a fig tree thinking about God I saw you there. You are the savior for whom we have waited so long. Having found his savior Nathanel  forgets everything else and joins Jesus and his friends as they travel North to Galilee at the crossroads Peter and Andrew turn off to their home near the sea of Galilee the others go on to Cana. When they preach the town they are greeted by a friend of Jesus. Please come to my wedding feast your mother will be here. Thank you we would like to share your happiness.      

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