Thursday, December 15, 2016

count for christmas #15

Count for Christmas #15
The story of Jesus
God sent His Son Jesus Christ to live on earth as a
completely sinless man Jesus was born as a baby
in Bethlehem. He grew up be a man without ever
doing one wrong things He never had a bad attitude
or an  evil thought. He  never said a bad word. He
was God He was perfect. But even though He was
perfect some people did not like Him. In fact because
He was perfect people who loved sin hated Him. So
they killed by nailing Him on cross. God allowed that
to happen because on the cross. Jesus took the punishment
for every person's guilt throughout history for every person
as if it guilt throughout history as if it
were His own. By dying He paid the penalty for our sin.
He 's Here  part 1
Everything was ready. The moment God
had been waiting for was at last. God was
coming to help his people just as he promised in
the beginning. In addition but how would he come
what would he be like? What would he do?
Mountain would have bowed down. Seas
would have roared Trees would have clapped
their hands. But the earth held its breath. As
silent as failing he came in. And when no
one was looking in the darkness he came.
There was a young girl Mary  who was engaged a man
named Joseph.  

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