Thursday, December 1, 2016

count for christmas 1

Thursday, December 1, 2016

count for Christmas #1

Count for Christmas #1
Good News from  the Angel Gabriel
When Herod the Great was king of the land called
Judea there lived an old man by the name of Zechariah.
His wife was Elizabeth. They had no children.
Zechariah and Elizabeth were good people. They
tried hard to obey the laws of the Lord God. God saw
this and He was pleased with them. In addition, The
first governor of Galilee he eventually become king
of Judea Galilee Samaria and the area east of the Jordan River.
One day Zechariah was in the Lord's Temple. He was
serving as a priest that day. Suddenly an angel from the Lord came down and
stood near him. Zechariah didn't know what to do.
Don't be afraid the angel said. I am Gabriel God's
servant and I was sent to tell you good news.
Your wife Elizabeth  is going to have a son. You will
call him John. He will be a great servant to God.
Because of him people who do not  obey God will
change their ways John will get people ready for the Lord.
Zechariah was amazed But my wife and I are both very old
he said how will I know this is going to happen?
The angel answered you do not believe and so you
will not be able to say anything until the child is born.
When Zechariah left the Temple he could not speak
write it on a writing tablet.
Soon Elizabeth discovered she was expecting
a baby just as the angel had promised. She

was amazed and happy.

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