Wednesday, November 23, 2016

god How should we worship GOD?

Journal 2

The story of Jesus and ten sick men 2
To be so sick that you might 
die and to have the Lord heal
you of that sickness should
cause anyone to thank Him. But
nine men did not. They didn't
thank God or worship Him.
They were not real believers in 
Jesus. They wanted Him to heal
them but they did not really 
love Him. Ten men were healed 
from their disease but the man
who really loved Jesus was the
only one healed from his sin.
We should all be like the man
who gave thanks He
worshiped Jesus. That was the
proof that he really believed.
Giving thanks and worshiping
God are the most normal things
in the world for people who
really trust the Lord. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How should we worship GOD?How should we worship GOD? 
God wants us to worship him only. Remember that is one of the main reason He created us. In addition, how we worship Him by giving thanks for everything He has done for us. We worship by singing praise to Him We worship when  we pray and tell Him how great He is. And we worship when we go to church and gather with other believers to sing pray and listen to preaching about the Bible. What is the main of reason God created us? To worship him.

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