Thursday, November 17, 2016

christianity basic 1

Basic Christianity 1 The Right Approach Page 1
                        In the beginning God, The first four words of the Bible are
more than an introduction to the creation story to the book
of Genesis. They supply the key which opens our understanding
to the Bible as a whole. Therefore they tell us that the religion of the Bible
is a religion of the initiative.
                        You  can never take God by surprise. You can never anticipate
him. He always makes the first move. He is always there in the
beginning. Before man existed God acted. Before man stirs
himself to seek God, God has sought man. In addition, in the Bible we do not
see man groping after God we see God reaching after man.
                        Many people visualize a God who sits comfortably on a
distant throne remote aloof uninterested and indifferently to the
needs of mortal until it may be they can badger him into taking
action on their behalf. Such a view is wholly false. In addition, the Bible
reveals a God who long before it may even occurs to turn to him while man is still
 lost in darkness and  sunk in sins, takes the initiative rises from his throne lays inside his glory and stoops to
seek until be finds him.

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