Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The Death of Moses
Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Today I'm 120 years old Moses told Israel
The Lord has said that I'll not go into
Canaan. So the time has come for me to
die. But the Lord will go into land with you.
So be strong and brave and always keep God's
law. The Lord will not fail nor leave you.
Moses then went into the tabernacle to God. The
pillar of cloud stood over the door the tent.
That day Moses left the camp alone. He slowly
climbed to the top of Mount Nebo. There is
the land I promised to Abraham Isaac and
Jacob You can look at it from here but you can't
go in and Moses gazed at the promised but across the river.
Moses was still strong and his eyes were good.
But he lay down on the mountain and died just as
God wanted. No one was there to bury him, so
God did the job. No one knows where he is
buried. There was never again anyone like Moses.
The  Lord knew him face-to-face. And Israel

mourned for thirty days.

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