Thursday, February 2, 2017

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Things were not looking good God's  people. They had
been captured and taken far from home -and now they
were slaves of that the king of Babylon. But God had not
left his people. He was with them and he was looking after them Daniel loved
and obeyed him. Now God made Daniel able to understand lots of difficult things
so it wasn't long before the king of Babylon noticed him. King Darius liked him
how clever Daniel was. So he made Daniel his most important helper of all and put
him in charge of lots of other helpers.

The followings  are contrasts recorded in Romans 9.(1).
Ishmael versus Isaac (vv 6,7) (2) children of the flesh versus
children of God (v. 8) Esau verses Jacob (v.13) (4) hate
versus love (v.13) (5)  hardening versus mercy (vv  16-18) (6)
man versus God (v.20) (7) clay versus the potter (v 21) (8)
vessels unto dishonor versus vessels of  honor (v 21) (9)
enduring the vessels of wrath versus the riches of glory on
vessels of   mercy (vv 22,23) (10) fitted to destruction versus
prepared beforehand for glory (vv.22,23) (11) faith versus

works (v 32) and (12) election versus reproduction (vv 11 17 18).

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